Digital Citizenship

All students at UHMS use Chromebooks for their classwork and homework. Students are responsible for care of their devices and expected to bring them to school daily. 

               Technology Student Expectations As a learner I will…

1. Look after my device very carefully all of the time.
a. Devices will never be left unattended
b. Devices must be situated securely on the working surface
c. Make sure the device is not subject to careless or malicious damage (i.e. as a result of horseplay)
d. Device MUST be carried with two hands when possible when transporting. 
e. Carry my device in the closed position with two hands in the classroom.
f. Carry my device home in my device case in my backpack/book bag.

2. Ensure that my device is charged every evening and ready for use the next    day (i.e. plugging it in at home or making sure it is turned into the Media Center).

3. LOCK my device in my locker (on the top shelf) when not in use (i.e. lunch, phys ed, etc.).

4. Print only after teacher gives permission or on my own if granted previous permission.

5. Not decorate the device or carrying case and not allow it to be subject to graffiti.

6. Not install or download additional software without the permission of the IT department or teacher.

7. Be on the task assigned by my teacher at all times. Device will ONLY be used for educational purposes.

8. Only use web tools authorized by my teacher.

9. Agree that all written and posted material is appropriate and non-defamatory.

10. Follow  the school’s Acceptable Use Policy for technology.

11. Never have food or drink by a device.

12. Not use the computer to bring harm to anyone else.

13. Not type profanity or otherwise offensive language.

14. Report to my teacher, school counselor, or administrator if I ever feel uncomfortable about an experience online. 

15. Use the Internet to search only areas appropriate to the school curriculum.

16. Only save material in my personal folders or to my device appropriate for educational use.

18. Not share my passwords (my school network account, my e-mail account, my social networking account, etc.) with anyone else except my parents, teachers, school counselors, or administrators.

19. Not use a proxy or otherwise attempt to access Web sites or other forms of Internet content and communications technology that have been blocked from my school network.

20. Be prepared to be held accountable for my actions and for the loss of computer and/or device privileges if these expectations are violated.
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